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Past: 10 January, Esoterica, Tempo Vertigo @ OT301Studios, Amsterdam
"I am fascinated by psychedelic tunes, nature sounds, tribes, mantras, exotic, middle east, spirituality, awareness, connections, experimental sounds, experiences. I am focusing on shamanic downtempo, ketapop, psychill, chillgressive, slowrave, psydub and middle east tunes, fascinated by the art music of those countries . But music has no limit. I don't get stuck in genres."
Her sounds are deep, spiritual, dark at time, intense other time. "I like to give with sounds an experience, a story, a deep journey into something, you define yourself."

Born and raised in Italy till the last year of her university studies as biomedical engineer and signal processing engineer. She moved into the Netherlands 3 years ago, with an Erasmus program, fascinated by the high tech environment and the close look and invest of resources into research. Passionate about music since very young she was part of several small bands as a singer. She picked up guitar on and off never get too much into it the way she would have wanted. Her passion and major involvement with music as a direct participant and not just as intense listener started with the discover of digital and electronic music . Already experienced programmer and algorithm developer, she finds in digital sound the link between her engineer world dominated by physical laws and coding and music world. She is deeply fascinated by electromagnetic waves, sound waves, or just pure energy flowing into the body. Digital signal are a translation of many different waves such as electrochemical signals coming from the body, analog sounds, electrical and much more. She got hooked into djing 2 years ago and since than she discover the huge world of music, diving layer after layer into it. She is currently exploring the producing world and expand her layer of creativity and skills. Passionate about travelling different cultures, and nature.  

Past: 29 November, Jellyfish 24 h edition, private party, Amsterdam
Past: 15 November @ Birdcage Radio, Utrecht
Past: Sundays in Motion @ Undercurrent, 3 November, Amsterdam
Past: OAse Weekender @ DOK Amsterdam, 12-13 October
Past: Shining Darkness @ Undercurrent, 21 September, Amsterdam North
Past: Paradigm Festival 9-10-11 August, Groningen (NL)
Past: The Borderland 2019, Hedeland (DK)
Past: Feel Festival 11-15 July, Brandeburg (DE)